LINEAGE - Satsuma and Saffron Hand and Body Soap

$22.00 USD

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Lineage is a US brand based in Harrisonburg, Virginia producing thoughtfully designed apothecary goods.

Liquid soap for hands and body

Inspired by the popular Lineage fragrances, you can now have the Satsuma and Saffron scent in a liquid wash.

The Satsuma & Saffron scent, offers a fresh and spicy blend of sweet citrus, jasmine, orange flower, and of course, red ginger. Middle and bottom notes of cardamom, musk and sandalwood temper the sweet.

Plant based, vegan and cruelty-free formula. Paraben and phthalate free. Packaged in an amber glass bottle with pump.



  • Net weight 8 oz.
  • Amber glass bottle with pump
  • Handmade in small batches in Harrisonburg, Virginia