Glasgow Soap Company - Soap Bar - Sea Salt Driftwood

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Immerse yourself in the invigorating essence of the sea with every wash.

Handmade soap slice, made from vegetable glycerine which is gentle and moisturising. These soap slices are made in small batches then cut, wrapped, and labeled by hand.

Vegan friendly Suitable for sensitive skin Wrapped in biodegradable cellophane. And contain no SLS or parabens.


What it smells like

This soap captures the essence of the ocean, blending revitalizing notes of seaweed and green algae, kissed by a fresh coastal breeze. Delicate hints of cyclamen and water lily add a touch of grace, while the base of salt-crusted driftwood, warmed by amber, patchouli, and musk, evokes the serene beauty of the shore.

Handmade in Scotland.