Brussels Ketjep - Cowboy BBQ Sauce - 300ml

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Belgium is famous for its chocolate, beer and fries... but also for its sauces!

Cowboy Barbecue Sauce

This Cowboy sauce carefully blends the acidity of vinegar, the sweetness of honey and a smoky taste. It will give another dimension to your dishes.

Michelin-starred Chef Luc Bellings considers it the best BBQ sauce to accompany chicken! (editor's note Het Laatste Nieuws 04/05/2019).

Authentic Belgian made Sauces

Brussels Ketjep is an independent company based in Brussels creating quality sauces for fries, burgers, pizza, mussels or whatever you fancy!  Brussels Ketjep is the leading Belgian ketchup brand.

Ingredients: Water, sugar, vinegar, tomato puree, honey (5.3%), modified starch, salt, smoke flavor, vegetable extracts (contains barley and wheat).