12 of our favourite window displays

Posted on January 16 2021

12 of our favourite window displays


They say a shop window allows you to showcase your products to the World, offering customers a glimpse into what you have on offer. If that were the case, Lola & SiDney would be even more bonkers than it already is! Our windows have always been theatrical, mostly with a little nod to our love of bunnies and always designed to create a smile. One of the questions we are always asked, is "how did you think up that display?!".

In this blog post, we take a look back at 12 of our favourite windows and the story behind their execution.


1. "Bunny Supermarket". Tooting, London. September 2015.

This was our 4th window display and had nothing to do with what we sold in the shop! The metallic bunnies were shopping and the green flocked bunnies were the shop assistants. The tins even had bunny themed labels on. Afterwards, when the window came out, we had a few weeks of 'surprise' dinners as none of the tins had their original label on! 


2. "The Seventh Month Kitsch". Tooting, London. February 2016. 


A nod to Marilyn's The Seven Year Itch film, this was also our 7th month in our Tooting shop. The dress had a fan underneath to create the famous skirt blowing scene from the movie. While this looked stunning, it blew cold air around the shop during a chilly February!


3. "Life's a Beach" Tooting, London. April 2018.

This window required 8 bags of sand to create the beach effect. The beach balls were original 1970s stock and took a lot of blowing up! Did you notice the child mannequins are wearing either a Lola or SiDney T-shirt and cap?


4. "Funky Resin" Tooting, London. September 2016.

Undoubtably our most simplest window, yet also one of our most eye catching. Not only was the window easy to install (the large resin animals were laid on the floor to draw the cut outs) it was also very eye catching, turning the heads of passengers on passing buses. Although, with all the blanked out windows, it did plunge the shop into semi-darkness!


5. "Old Skull Glamour" Tooting, London. October 2016.


Featuring a full size medical skeleton in a black sequin ball gown this was timed around Halloween. The photo of the head was a lenticular print, which is basically similar to a moving image. When you walked past, her eyes would blink and re-open!


6. "Welcome to Bunderland" Tooting, London. August 2017.

Our summer window, this was also our most expensive and longest to install, especially feeding the stem plants through the wire mesh! The highlight was Alice looking through the mirror and seeing the reflection of Lola staring back at her.


7. "Showtime" Tooting, London. September 2017.

The return of Marilyn. This show stopping, Hollywood themed window also featured a 4ft Oscar and an Elvis Statue. However, we soon had to change the window as Elvis sold and left the building!


8. "Moo-ving" Tooting, London. October 2018.

Our last window in our Tooting store. The cow's were a play on 'moo-ving' and relocating to the countryside.


9. "Bunny Valentines" Rye. February 2020.

Our first valentines themed window featuring loved up buns with heart shaped glasses.


10. "A most unusual Christmas" Rye, December 2020.

Reflecting on the year of a pandemic, the window was also featured on Sky news during a report on Covid restrictions in East Sussex. The idea behind the window is Alice took a drink from the bottle and woke up as Lola in a 'most unusual' World.


11. "Lockdown" Rye, March 2020.

A simple window with a simple message to take care and stay safe. Installed during the 1st lockdown, we took a photo the day after and a rainbow appeared on the camera.


12. "The Crown" Rye, January 2019.

Technically not our own window installation as our shop was turned into a green grocer for the filming of the Netflix show 'The Crown'. Ironically, our Rye shop use to be a green grocer many years before, which created some surprise from locals!

Made to look like a grocer during the 1970's, the veg soon got a bit whiffy a few days in. SiDney and Mildred were grateful for the veg when the window was taken out.


Like to see more? See our Facebook 'Another Great Window' photo album.

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