French Home and Garden Black Liquid Soap

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La Maison du Savon de Marseille -  Black Liquid Soap with Lavender -1000ml 

Made in the traditional way of being cooked in a cauldron with raw materials from the olive tree, this Lavender fresh black liquid soap is a miracle product with multiple uses!

This is an excellent multipurpose cleaning product that advantageously replaces the most powerful chemicals on the market. Diluted or pure, it cleans around the house and garden.

Natural, ecological and economical, it is very effective to clean and sanitise the house whilst preserving the environment. In the garden, this liquid soap can help eliminate parasites and can protect your plants attacks from aphids. Other uses include cleaning your DIY tools and paint brushes and to bring a shine to your vehicle or barbecue griddle!

Contains no solvents, dyes or preservatives. 1000ml.