Fisura - Aroma Shape - 'Virgin' Light Blue

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Aroma 'Virgin Mary' Shape in Light Blue colour

These diffusers are figures with original designs that give off a fragrance in the place where they are placed for 4 months, it is a perfect element to complement the decoration of any room, giving a fresh smell to surprise your visitors.

More Information

Material: Scented wax

Scent: Lagoon - fresh and crisp open outdoors

Dimensions: 7.5 * 7.5 * 18cm

These aroma diffusers and candles are made in Portugal.

Made using high quality natural waxes and paraffins. Palm wax free. The wax is extracted from gmo-free soybean oil.

The fragrances have been developed exclusively for FISURA.

Aroma diffuser and candle molds are hand-sculpted by local potters. We use the traditional method and all of our candles are finished by hand.

Each air freshener or shape candle takes about 12 hours to make!