Captain Fawcett - Bay Rum Hair & Scalp Tonic - 250ml

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Captain Fawcett is a cult British manufacturer of grooming products and first class Eau de Parfum's.

Stimulates and Invigorates the Scalp

This refreshing blend is infused with woody aromatics evoking the warm, spiced air of the West Indies.

A zesty, masculine fragrance created by steeping bay leaves in rum, as did sailors of old. It has the instantly recognisable uplifting scent of traditional barbershops around the globe.

How to apply

Take time to massage tonic with palms and fingertips, stimulating the scalp and invigorating the follicles. May be left overnight to revitalise and restore the sheen of health to tired hair. Comb for a slick style and set a confident course for the day ahead.


  • 250ml / 8.45 fl.oz