L&S Candle Bakewell Tart

£20.00 GBP

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Our fabulously sweet Bakewell tart soy wax candle smells so good you will want to eat it!

This fantastic, sweet smelling candle is inspired by Mildred's love of fun treats!

Handmade locally for us with a superior clean burn and excellent scent throw.

Approx 45 hours burn time. Presented in a matte grey glass jar and black cardboard box.

Instructions for use:

- Always place the candle on heat-resistant surfaces.
- Do not light the candle in rooms with children or pets.
- Always keep the lit candle in a vertical position so that the wax burns evenly. When you snuff it out, allow the wax to cool before using it again.
- Keep the wick cut to 6 mm above the wax for optimum burning.
- Keep the wax clear of residue.
- Always keep the candle away from curtains, ventilation and air vents.
- Snuff out the candle after four hours of uninterrupted use and never leave it burning unattended in a room.